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Welcome to Passion for Woodwork
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 17 February 2007

If you have every thought about making money from your woodwork craft hobby, This is the place to be.  Here at Passion for Woodwork  we provide quality business advice, hints and tips to help turn your passion to profit. There is money to be made from your hobby and with the right advice and a little effort you can live the life of your dreams. Working at what you love and making money from it.


For a while now we have been selling a book called "Woodworking as a Business : Turning Your Passion to Profit" Image

The book has been a staple for many people building a woodworking craft  business. Take a look at it here .


So why start the Passion for Woodwork site ?



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Organizing Your Materials
Written by derryck   
Monday, 14 January 2008

Before you begin business, it’s a good idea to take inventory of what you have on hand, and what you will need to purchase. Starting a new business can be an expensive proposition. Sometimes there are materials you absolutely have to have, and then there are the “nice to have” items. When you are thinking about investing your money (or a banks), evaluate how much you’ll use all these items, how many you already have, and what items you can beg, borrow and steal (not literally).

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Dovetail Joinery
Written by Derryck   
Thursday, 15 March 2007

When you start a woodwork business based around joinery techniques you can either plan to mass produce your product or you can choose the quality line.

A mass producer make his money from a small margin made on lots of product sold. As long as the quality is sufficiently good enough to meet the expectations of his customers and the process of production is streamlined to enable him to maintain the quality and margin. A craftsman on the other hand makes quality products where the skill of his craftmanship is reflected in his product. This precived quality and finish can demand a much higher price. Added to that a craftsman often produces a unique or limited number of products made to order.

There are ways to give the preception of quality to a piece of work that is cost effective to both the mass producer and craftsman alike. The use of dovetail joints is one way. Read Ken Schulte article below to see what I mean.

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